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2008-12-16 10:23 pm

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Боря с Машей рассказали смешное, не могу не поделиться. Недавно вышла классная книжка Фукса и Табачникова "Mathematical Omnibus", сборник лекций по алгебре и геометрии для продвинутых школьников и не только. Похоже на сборник статей из Кванта, только все статьи новые. В последних Notices тетка из Маунт Холиока пишет:

"...The authors also include photographs or drawings of almost every mathematician they mention, more than eighty portraits, including more than twenty of mathematicians still living. Regrettably, none is a woman. Every lecture includes a drawing by Sergey Ivanov, formerly artist-in-chief of the magazine Kvant and now of its cousin Quantum. Many of these illustrations are witty, mathematically apt, and attractive. Unlike the pictures of mathematicians, many of Ivanov's drawings include women. Unfortunately, the women pictured are sometimes movie-star bosomy and revealingly clad; in particular, the use of female nudity (especially on pages 45 and 123) seems inappropriate. The authors make clear in their preface that they want to encourage young women as well as men (even using "s(he)" as a pronoun), but the absence of real women mathematicians and the presence of women who seem mainly decorative works against their goal."

Интересно, этот отзыв проплачен? Лучше ревью и не придумаешь. Правда ведь, очень хочется посмотреть на страницы 45 и 123? В интернете книжка есть, только вот иллюстрации там не все, как раз тех, с 45-й и 123-й страниц, и нет. Покупайте, очень советую.